52 inmates die in Colombia prison riot and fire

Specialists had at first said they were examining whether the episode happened as a component of a break endeavor yet later said it was an uproar

Something like 52 detainees were killed and 26 more harmed on Tuesday after a fire broke out during a jail revolt in southwestern Colombia, the public penitentiaries organization said.

The misfortune happened while revolting detainees set a fire at around 2:00am, neighborhood time, endeavoring to keep police from entering their nook at the jail in the city of Tulua, said Tito Castellanos, overseer of the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (INPEC).
“We have treated a sum of 26 harmed and the quantity of passings is 52,” Cristina Lesmes, top of the wellbeing division in Valle del Cauca, said on Twitter.

“We have individuals in intense condition with very broad consumes,” she said.

Castellanos had before given the “revolt” loss of life as 49 with another 30, including six jail watches, “harmed and impacted by the burst and the smoke.”

The jail, which holds in excess of 1,200 detainees, was encircled by police and troopers.


“By setting sleeping pads land, they had not checked what the outcomes could be and this occurred, tragically,” Castellanos told Radio RCN.

He said the burst had been managed by firemen.

Before sun-down, scientific groups had entered the jail to attempt to recognize the bodies.

Outside the jail, many relatives accumulated expecting data on their friends and family.

A jail official gave an underlying rundown of survivors to those pausing.

“I know nothing, INPEC won’t give us access,” a sad Maria Eugenia Rojas, whose child Luis Miguel Rojas is a detainee in the structure where the mob occurred, told Caracol TV.

“It appears to be counter-intuitive to me that individuals encased in a structure would have set sleeping cushions land realizing that they might have been scorched,” she said.

‘Incited by a battle’
Specialists had at first said they were researching whether the occurrence happened as a component of a departure endeavor however later said it was a mob.

“This present circumstance was incited by a battle that broke out between detainees. One of the detainees set fire – – he was furious, upset – – to a sleeping pad, which incited the blast,” said Ruiz.

There were 180 detainees in the jail area impacted by the fire.

Castellanos commended the endeavors of jail watchmen to control the burst and help detainees to somewhere safe and secure.

He expressed that without their mediation “the outcome would have been more regrettable.”

Active President Ivan Duque sent a tweet offering his fortitude with family members of the people in question.

“We lament the occasions that happened in the jail in Tulua, Valle del Cauca,” Duque said.

“I have guided to explain what is going on. My fortitude is with the groups of the people in question.”

President-elect Gustavo Petro likewise communicated his feelings and said on Twitter that there should have been “a finished reconsidering of jail strategy” that considers “detainee respect.”

“The Colombian state has seen jail as a space for retribution and not so much for recovery,” added Petro, who won a political decision spillover recently and will supplant Duque on August 7.

He likewise made reference to a mob at the La Modelo jail in Bogota in 2002 that left 23 detainees dead.

Deadly jail riots are normal in Latin America. In Colombia’s neighbor Ecuador, almost 400 detainees have been killed in six uproars since mid 2021.

Colombia’s jail framework has a limit with respect to 97,000 prisoners yet is overpopulated by exactly 16,000, as indicated by INPEC.

The Tulua jail is overpopulated by 17%.