8 gold bars in ladies’ butt-centric at the air terminal

Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department authorities kept a traveler named Nurunnahar alongside six gold bars at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the capital.

He was captured on Thursday (June 23) at 9:05 am on a flight BG-147 of Bangladesh Biman on the Dubai-Chittagong-Dhaka course with gold. This data was given in a public statement later.

It was accounted for that a group of customs criminal investigators took up positions at different marks of the neighborhood terminal based on the news that a traveler from Chittagong was conveying pirated gold. The suspect was distinguished while crossing the boarding span.

At the point when he was subsequently addressed, he told the knowledge group that he was conveying gold in his rectum (butt). Her body was then x-rayed to affirm her presence. It contains four gold-like articles.

A sum of 8 gold bars weighing 932 grams were found in the four bundles found by him. The market worth of these gold is around 75 lakh 24 thousand rupees.

A body of evidence has been documented against the blamed traveler Nurunnahar under the arrangements for Special Powers Act 1974 and The Customs Act 1989. He was given over to the air terminal police.