8 year old girl has her hair ripped out in a stress-induced balding frenzy

The stress of Covid lockdowns and not being able to see her friends at school is causing a girl, eight, to pull out her hair. This has left the little girl with a completely bald head. The family had been living in a building on Cleveland Avenue for two years before the lockdown started last September. Now they are about to be moved from their home because it’s located near one of the schools that was shut down during this time due to safety concerns over drugs and guns.

Last week, the family’s apartment was raided by police. Though no one in this home was taken into custody, there were several arrests made in other sections of the building. The girl is still struggling with her emotions about being moved to a new home without any warning. She told reporters that she misses having fun at school and playing outside with her friends because “every day it feels like the same old thing here.” To make matters worse, her mother worries she may lose more hair due to all the stress-induced pulling if they are forced to wait much longer for their housing voucher paperwork to be processed.

The Ithaca City School District announced that Coventry would be closed again on Friday after an overnight lockdown in one of the buildings where a student reported seeing an armed man. On Monday, Dec. 4, at approximately 8:30 a.m., police arrived on scene and conducted a search through the school as a precautionary measure until it could be determined that no threats were present to anyone’s safety. The lockdown ended around 10:45 a.m..

In the meantime, students who reside in this section of town are often pulled from their daily activities to keep them safe from danger with all the recent violence taking place in our community. A spokesperson for New York Child Protective Services told reporters that they have been conducting interviews with children impacted by these lockdowns because “the trauma caused by multiple time disrupted routines can be harmful physically and emotionally.” The family was moved to a new home before the end of November and is working towards resuming their normal lives.