Advertisement to hire husband

Advertisement to hire husband

Advertisement to hire husband on the website

‘Hear My Handy Hobby’ টাই this is what a woman advertised on Facebook and several other websites. And with this, the commotion among the netizens has started.

Recently, Laura Young, a mother of three, posted the ad about her husband.

Many people have raised eyebrows when they saw the advertisement of this woman from Buckinghamshire, England. S

ome people are wondering – how can a woman hire her husband for money?

Some netizens have also questioned how this woman gave such an advertisement.

hire husband on the website

But Laura has revealed the matter since the criticism about her advertisement started.

She claims that her husband James currently unemployed, but in fact he talented and hardworking.

Proficient in fancy interior decoration.

You can make household necessities using household chores.

He used the discarded things to make beds, kitchen furniture, even the dining table.

In a word, he is good at decorating the house. Not only that, he also knows how to draw.

And Laura wants to use this quality of her husband. That’s why this fancy ad.

“If I ever get into a final crisis, I’ll pay the ultimate price, but I won’t do anything about James,”

he said of his ad misinterpretation. As you think. ‘🔱