AFC has record 12 groups at .500 or better through Week 12

Heading into December, just four groups in the gathering have losing records, with the 12 groups at .500 or better the most for a meeting through 12 weeks since the consolidation.

There have been three seasons when 11 groups in a meeting didn’t have losing records at this crossroads, having happened beforehand in the AFC in 2014 and 1980, and the NFC in 2008.

The AFC West is driving the way with each of the four groups holding winning records with Kansas City (7-4) one game up on a threesome of 6-5 groups in the Chargers, Raiders and Broncos.

This denoted the fourth time since the current eight-division design began in 2002 that all groups in a division had winning records following 12 weeks. It additionally occurred in the 2014 AFC North and the 2008 AFC East and NFC South.

The AFC North additionally has given four of the groups at .500 or better.

It’s a far various story in the NFC where, for the subsequent straight season, just six groups are at .500 or better through 12 weeks. The last time a gathering had less now in the season came in 2013, in the AFC.

It’s a muddled wreck in the NFC with four groups — Washington, Minnesota, Atlanta and New Orleans — at present tied for seventh at 5-6, a half-game in front of Philadelphia and Carolina at 5-7.

That leaves open the likelihood that a group with a losing record could make the end of the season games for a second consecutive year after Washington won the NFC East last season with a 7-9 imprint. On the whole, 14 of the 16 NFC groups are inside one round of a season finisher spot, with just Seattle (3-8) and Detroit (0-10-1) apparently out of conflict.

The polarity between the meetings is less with regards to AFC strength than it is about the absence of a predominant group in the AFC. While the NFC has three groups with three or less misfortunes — Arizona, Green Bay and Tampa Bay — no one but Baltimore can say that in the AFC.

The AFC has a slight edge in the interconference play with a 31-27-1 record.