Afghanistan: Taliban backtrack on returning secondary schools for young ladies

Young ladies in tears on hearing the news at their school in Kabul on 23 March, 2022.

The Taliban have switched a choice to permit Afghan young ladies to get back to secondary schools, saying a decision is still to be made on the garbs they should wear.

Schools were set to open cross country following quite a while of limitations since the Taliban held onto power in August.

However, the training service unexpectedly declared young ladies’ optional schools would remain shut, creating turmoil.

A few young ladies were in tears as guardians and understudies responded with outrage and disillusionment to the last-minute move.

Many had before discussed how cheerful and invigorated they were to be back in the homeroom.

The choice came seven days after the training service reported schools for all understudies, including young ladies, would open around the country on Wednesday.

We illuminate all young ladies’ secondary schools and those schools that [have] female understudies above class six that they are off until the following request, the notification said.

The notification added schools would return after a choice over the uniform of female understudies was made as per “Sharia regulation and Afghan custom.

The abrupt inversion has ignited profound outrage from guardians of female understudies.