After marriage, they traveled to Paris in a confidential plane

Finishing all hypotheses, the star couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got hitched on July 16 in a Las Vegas sanctuary. Then on the evening of July 17, Lopez himself formally declared the marriage. From that point forward, picture takers have been standing by to catch the new couple together. Notwithstanding, Ben and Jello avoided them and traveled to Paris. It is accepted that they went to France to praise their special night after marriage.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were found in Paris by an enthusiast of the two stars. He told People magazine that Ben and Jello ate last Thursday at a café in Paris. After request, People discovered that the star couple showed up in France from the United States on a confidential plane on Thursday. Go directly from the air terminal to eat.

An observer said that they were perched on the gallery of the café. Both looked exceptionally blissful. Ben wore a coat and tie even in the boiling Paris heat. In any case, Lopez showed up in a dazzling red dress. They got back to the lodging subsequent to burning through two hours in the café.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez should get hitched in September 2003. They got connected then, at that point. Be that as it may, in January 2004, the two stars severed their commitment. In April last year, tales whirled that Ben was back in adoration with ex Jennifer Lopez. Bits of gossip worked out and after that they were routinely witnessed together in different occasions, film occasions and cafés. Lopez himself affirmed the adoration news in July. In April of this current year, Lopez reported her second commitment to Ben, 20 years in the wake of severing her most memorable commitment.