Akashbari Automobiles brought impeccable success

Akashbari Automobiles brought impeccable success

Akashbari Automobiles brought impeccable success in the technology market

Akashbari Automobiles is adding a new dimension to the advancement of technology in electric automobiles. The company has already signed a contract with China Longsida Company Limited.

China Longsida Company Limited manufactures small size and nicely designed electric private cars, easy bikes, pickups, vans etc.

This time, by joining them, Akashbari Automobiles

spread the products all over the country at low prices to the customers.

Akashbari Group Managing Director Touhidul Alam Milky. Regarding the new journey, he said,

“We have acquired the Bangladeshi portion of the Chinese automobile company China Langshida Limited.”

Through which electronic private cars

pickups, cover vans can made in the country.

He said Akashbari Automobiles has  conducting business in the country for the last three years.

Its operations  carried out in a factory of about 56,000 square feet at Sreepur in Gazipur. However,

  • even though our automobiles have been operating for three years, we will produce cars directly through this company.
  • Asked how he would gain confidence by competing with other companies in the country,
  • Milky said: They have been doing business in Bangladesh for the last 6 years.
  • Their quality-quantity, both are good. There  a demand for their products in the market. Hopefully,  joining such a company,

we will be able to deliver good quality products to the customers.

‘Our activities are going on all over the country.

At present we have assembled a brand new one ton

battery powered electric cover van Akashbari Automobiles at our own factory for only Tk.

1 lakh 25 thousand. Which  made entirely of imported raw materials. ‘

Besides, Touhidul Alam Milki is the head of Akashbari Holidays,

one of the most popular and top travel agencies in the country.

Akashbari Holidays has also taken the place of confidence of travel-hungry people. Not only this,

with the help of other travel agencies people are getting the opportunity to travel all over the world.

💨Akashbari Holidays started its journey in 2011. Akashbari Holidays has been very successful in bringing the people of the country abroad for 11 years.

💨Touhidul Alam Milky said, “So far we have provided travel assistance to about two lakh people.”

💨Hopefully, in the next 5 years, we will be able to travel 1 million people. We also have offices in London and America outside the country.

“We’re not just person-centered,” he said. Serving all types of travel starting from corporate tours. We are solving the visa problem of different countries.

Where an Akashbari Holiday can get Dubai Visa at 9900, Singapore 4500, Thailand 4900, Malaysia 6990.

That means one stop solution service we provide with customers.

Apart from this, Akashbari Holidays is also conducting activities inside the country.

Cox’s Bazar, Sajek, Sundarbans and all other places we are conducting travel activities for travelers.

Akashbari Holidays is giving special offer on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. A customer can travel to Maldives for three nights and 4 days at 49,900 rupees.

He will leave Bangladesh on July 12 and return on July 15. Booking must  completed before June 12 for this opportunity.

This package includes flights, beach hotels, breakfast, transfers and guides.

You don’t even need a visa to go, not even a Corona test.

Customers will be able to customize the resort package on this date if they wish. You can customize the package with any resort.

Maldives resort package starts from Rs 69,900. In addition, the Dubai 4 night package is only 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees.

Travel to Thailand and Dubai together is 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees.🔱