All out for 7 runs!

The Nepalese batsmen batted embarrassingly in the ICC Under-19 World Cup qualifiers on Saturday.

Nepal’s two openers crossed the first over after batting. However, they lost the first wicket in the third ball of the second over before opening the team’s run record. From then on, only batters come and go.

Sneha Mahara scored the highest 3 runs for Nepal. Six batsmen of the team were dismissed for zero runs. Their innings ended in 8.1 overs.

Fast bowler Mahika Gaur collapsed the opposing batting order with 5 wickets for just 2 runs. Another fast bowler Indhuja Nandakumar took 3 wickets, 6 runs.

The UAE did not take any time to chase the run. Reached the target in 1.1 overs, with 10 wickets in hand.

However, there are two instances of girls being bowled out for less than that in the International Twenty20. In December 2019, Bangladesh won the South Asian Games by a huge margin of 249 runs by bowling out Maldives for just 7 runs.

In June of the same year, Rwanda won the toss and elected to field.

According to Reuters, India’s U-19 Nagaland team has the lowest run-scoring record in women’s domestic cricket. That, of course, in a 50-over match. In 2016, their innings against Kerala ended with just 2 runs.

For the first time in 2023, the Asia region qualifiers for the Women’s Under-19 World Cup are being played with five teams. Apart from Nepal and UAE, the other three teams in the tournament are Bhutan, Qatar and Thailand.