Art Blank: Manhunt Continues After Suspect’s Identification

The manhunt for Brian Laundrie, the suspect in Gabby Petito’s death, continues days after her remains were identified. Gabby was a student at Easton University and had been missing for over five months before authorities discovered what they believe to be her body. Police announced that they found an abandoned car in the woods near where she disappeared and believe it may be connected to this case; however, no other information has been released.

It’s been speculated that Gabby Petito had died shortly after she went missing in an apparent homicide. Authorities have stated that the case is not closed until Laundrie or any other potential suspects are identified.

Anyone with information on Laundrie’s location, contact authorities immediately.

We have all heard the news reports on television, the newspaper articles in our favorite magazine, and social media posts by friends. We are constantly plugged in to mass media. Often times it has become exhausting to keep up with all the information that is being recited or written about in one day. This can result in people forgetting some of the news events altogether or they have to face the embarrassment of admitting they do not know what is going on with certain stories. It is important for people to be kept up-to-date about news because it affects them directly or indirectly.

The media has evolved into being more technologically sophisticated over the years, but that does not necessarily mean that it has improved. There is a strong focus on the public’s reactions and opinions about news stories such as the search for Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s alleged killer. These reports can cause people to be curious or fearful about what may happen next. Some might even hear about it by someone who had just taken a test on that very topic.

Since the information is constantly being fed to us, the repeated exposure can cause people to have a hypodermic needle effect. For example, one might not think about Brian Laundrie or Gabby Petito while they are working throughout their day, but every time something related pops up on their screen, it comes flooding back into their mind. This can be beneficial or harmful depending on one’s reactions to certain news reports.

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