Bangladesh-beginning understudy squashed under moving New York train

She hailed from Comilla and learned at Hunter College in New York

In a terrible new development, a 24-year-old Bangladesh-conceived understudy of the neighborhood Hunter College has passed on after apparently falling under a moving metro train in New York City, US.

Zinat Hossain was squashed under the train at around 9pm (neighborhood time) on Wednesday, Enamul Haque, leader of the Greater Comilla Association in New York told Dhaka Tribune on Friday.

New York-based Bengali paper Thikana, in any case, detailed that Zinat was moved off by a few unidentified reprobates.

“Police are yet to distinguish the culprits. Additionally, it doesn’t know whether the demise came about because of a disdain wrongdoing,” it added.

Gotten some information about what prompted the casualty, Enamul said they, as well, gained from media reports that she was gone after.

“However, we don’t know what precisely had happened to her as police have reached us and would detail us everything,” he said.

Hailing from Daudkandi upazila of Comilla, Zinat had been living with her folks in Brooklyn beginning around 2016, added Enamul, who is additionally a direct relation of the killed understudy.
In the mean time, media reports recommend Bangladeshi people group pioneers have previously met the New York police in Brooklyn seeing the occurrence as frenzy held onto them.

Occurrences of Bangladeshi-Americans getting gone after or killed in the US are accounted for regularly.

The last time an individual of Bangladeshi plunge was killed in New York, was in February. Before that, a 51-year-old Bangladeshi man was wounded to no end in the city in October.