Biswasundari Priyanka's eyes were filled with tears when she heard the price of the table cover!

Biswasundari Priyanka’s eyes were filled with tears when she heard the price of the table cover!

The former world beauty  married and moved to the United States. Acting, the singer has made a name for herself as a businessman after production.

Priyanka had earlier set up a restaurant called ‘Sona’ in New York.

Indian expatriates arrive at Priyanka’s restaurant to enjoy local food and drink on foreign soil.

Desi Girl has started to establish herself as a businessman. Last month, Priyanka started her own homeware line ‘Sona Home’.

The price of food at Priyanka’s restaurant is skyrocketing. A few days ago,

it  revealed that the price of one horn of Priyanka’s restaurant is more than one thousand rupees.

Similarly, seeing the price of Priyanka’s homeware stock, Netpara is in a daze.

The price of this item of Priyanka is so high that trolling has started in the media. According to the website,

the tablecloth in the emerald collection of Priyanka’s ‘Sona Home’ costs around Rs 31,000.  you shocked?

This is not the end, the price of a tea cup and plate in this collection is 5,300 rupees.

The price of a small (6) chutney container is 15 thousand rupees.

Commenting on the new initiative, Priyanka said, “One of our cultures in India is bringing families,

communities, people together and that is the policy of Sona Home for me.”

Currently, Priyanka has a bunch of new movies. Hollywood will have ‘Ending Things’,

‘It’s All Coming Back to Me’ as well as Bollywood director Farhan Akhtar’s ‘G Le Zara’

movie where the actress will share the screen with Katrina and Alia.🔱