Bob Saget said he didn’t ‘feel good’ ahead of last stand-up set before death, concert hall employee said

An employee at the concert hall where Bob Saget performed ahead of his death said the comedian said he was feeling sick before taking the stage, according to audio released by officials.

Saget spoke about having a sore throat and said his hearing was off before his Jan. 8 stand-up set at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Florida but ultimately “seemed OK,” Rosalie Cocci told the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“I did hear him say, ‘I don’t feel good but I’m ready to do the show.’ He said, ‘This is what I do this for.’ It’s kind of like he was talking himself up,” Cocci, who handles errands for the theater, said in an interview with the sheriff’s office.
Saget was found dead at age 65 on Jan. 9 inside his room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. Last month, a Florida medical examiner said Saget likely suffered injuries in an “unwitnessed fall,” while his family said officials determined the actor died of head trauma.

In her interview, Cocci said Saget spoke about experiencing long COVID and that it was “taking him a long time for his body to get over it.”
She said Saget had also described feeling “sick the night before” that Jan. 8 performance.

“He said that his hearing had been off, and that was the case for that evening,” Cocci said. “He was asking the sound guys to turn everything up.”
The Orange County Sheriff’s Office also released photos this week that show the hotel room where Saget was found dead, as well as body camera footage from the authorities who responded to the scene. That video cuts off before they enter the room.

Saget is not pictured in any of the newly released images or footage. A Florida judge permanently sealed Saget’s autopsy report last week. His family requested that details from Saget’s death investigation, such as photos and recordings, be kept private.

The actor famously starred as beloved family patriarch Danny Tanner on the popular sitcom “Full House,” as well as on Netflix’s “Fuller House” spinoff series.