Boss Minister drinking glass brimming with stream water in emergency clinic (Video)

Bhagwant Singh Mann, Chief Minister of Punjab, India, drank the stream water to demonstrate that it was new and clean. In any case, he was unable to demonstrate the reality of his case. All things considered, he became ill subsequent to drinking sullied water and must be confessed to the emergency clinic. NDTV and Express Tribune announced such data.

The stream water that Bhagwant Singh drank was tainted by sewage from adjacent towns and towns. In any case, on Sunday, he freely guaranteed that the water was spotless and drank it decisively. Later became sick and was confessed to a medical clinic in New Delhi. Click here to observe

the video But the Aam Aadmi Party has rejected that the Punjab Chief Minister is sick. Bhagwant Singh is an individual from this gathering. The group says he needed to go to the emergency clinic for a standard wellbeing examination. He has proactively gotten back from the clinic.

As per NDTV news, Bhagwant Singh partook in the 22nd commemoration of cleaning the Kali Bin waterway. He was welcome to partake in the program by noted earthy person and Rajya Sabha MP Baba Balbir Singh. This MP asked the Chief Minister to drink stream water. He drank stream water from Sultanpur Lodhi area of Punjab.

Help In A Twitter Message Aam Aadmi Party’s Punjab Wing Says Bhagwant Singh Drinks Holy Water In Sultanpur Lodhi. Master Nanakshahi’s feet fell on this land. Rajya Sabha part Sant Shikwal Ji has assumed the liability of cleaning the heavenly spot.

In the interim, the Punjab government has reported a waterway cleaning effort across the state. As per Aam Aadmi Party, Bhagwant drank stream water from Bain. He is honored with this open door.