BP To Ration Petrol In UK In Face Of Extreme Drought

As drought conditions continue to worsen across the UK, BP announced that it would be rationing petrol at its service stations. The company made this announcement on Tuesday morning after their stocks of gasoline dwindled down to critically low levels. This is not the first time that a major oil company has resorted to rationing in order to meet demand during an extreme weather event. Last year ExxonMobil imposed gas restrictions in some parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania following Hurricane Sandy. BP also imposed rationing at its petrol stations following a series of blizzards in the US Northeast earlier this year.

The spokesman for BP, Simon Bowman, said that gasoline was being shipped from all over the world to keep up with demands for fuel.Customers may notice that there are some days when gasoline supplies at our service stations are running low, but we’re working around the clock to keep up.”

Bowman cautioned customers not to panic if they couldn’t get fuel on their first attempt.

BP announced that beginning on Wednesday they would be implementing a points system at their petrol stations across the UK. Customers with 10 litres of fuel or less will receive 10 points, those with 20 litres of fuel or less will receive 20 points, and so on. Customers can apply these points to their purchases at BP petrol stations for the next 90 days.

One shopper, Jim Wills of London, was not happy with this new system.

Wills continued by saying that he wasn’t sure how much longer he would patronize BP service stations if they continue to ration gasoline.

Several employees at BP petrol stations told reporters that they were expecting long lines and large crowds as a result of this latest rationing system. One employee, who wished not to be identified for obvious reasons, said that she received a memo from management instructing her to cooperate fully with customers during this crisis. The anonymous source went on to say that some BP service stations had implemented a one-in, one-out policy with regard to gasoline purchases.

One BP executive who spoke on condition of anonymity said that this crisis was not as bad as the fuel shortage experienced in 2008 when oil hit an all time high.We were rationing petrol back then and we didn’t have thousands of people killed in wars like we do today.

The BP executive then went on to explain why the company didn’t implement gas rationing earlier in this latest drought cycle.

Ian Peters, the chief energy adviser for BP, said that it was difficult to say when things would return to normal. The weather has played havoc with our ability to produce gasoline and meet demands.

Peters went on to re-emphasize that only the US and parts of Europe were experiencing this shortage.BP has adequate supplies of gasoline for our customers in most other countries around the world.We understand that a few business sectors are harming more than others, yet we will keep on doing our best to address client issues.

At the point when asked how his organization wanted to satisfy current and future needs for gas, Peters said that there were no simple replies.The world devours around eighty million barrels of oil a day. Assuming we can’t get that much from our treatment facilities, we should discover new sources quick.