Burglary in Bangladeshi shops in Italy, grabbing 9 lakh rupees

A Bangladeshi shop in Rome, Italy, has been burglarized without trying to hide. As of now 9 thousand Euros have been grabbed.

The burglars terminated two rounds to spread alarm. Advocate Anisuzzaman Anis, Central International Affairs Secretary of Business Bangladesh Jasdar, was a shop selling different things known as Phoenix in Italy. His farm house is in Barisal locale.

At 5pm nearby time on Wednesday (June 1), a sum of 9,000 euros, around 9 lakh taka in Bangladeshi money, was plundered.
Following the occurrence, the police came and looked through the area. The cash was not recuperated until the last news. The entire episode was recorded on CCTV.

As of late, there have been fear based oppressor assaults on Bangladeshi exiles and business foundations in various urban areas of Italy. Bangladeshi ostracizes rampaged in Venice, Italy last Sunday (May 29) to dissent. In something like three days of the dissent, there was another burglary.