Captain Rohit interviewed the century-drought Kohli

Whether their relationship is too cold is a rumor that has been in the Indian cricket air for a long time. Virat Kohli’s loss of captaincy has fallen on Rohit’s shoulders. Since then, the relationship between the two has become cold – the rumor was like this. However, after breaking Kohli’s century-drought, the two of them poured water on that rumour!
Kohli went to play against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup yesterday with a century-drought of 1,020 days. He ended the century-drought with the first century of his career in international T20! Before the T20 World Cup, the whole of India is excited when Kohli returns to the rhythm.

It was because of that enthusiasm that the Indian Cricket Board made the former and current captain face to face. The two sitting face to face again had two different roles—one the questioner, the other the answerer. Yes, former captain Kohli was interviewed by the current captain Rohit on the BCCI portal!

The much-talked-about Afghan spinners, Kohli was particularly aggressive, scoring 42 runs off his favorite flick shot. In the end, he remained unbeaten on 122 runs off 61 balls. What is the way not to be impressed by such an innings! Rohit was also impressed by Kohli’s innings like five ordinary fans.

Rohit thinks that Kohli’s innings has shown how to arrange an innings in T20 cricket, ‘In T20 cricket we only talk about big shots. But how you can build an innings without just focusing on big shots, this century is a perfect example of that. It was really exciting.’ Rohit not only praised the innings, but the Indian captain was full of praise for Kohli’s commitment to the game and his never-give-up mentality.

Kohli dedicated the century to wife Anushka Sharma and daughter Bhamika after getting a century after so long. At the end of the match, the owner of 71 centuries in international cricket also gave credit to the captain Rohit, “I returned to cricket after a long time, I did not hold the bat even once during the rest period. This has never happened before in a 13-14 year career. I had to see many things differently. At such a time you gave me a clear idea about my role with the bat in the team, the team management also helped.

In a conversation with Rohit, Kohli then added, ‘The place I got at this time, made me very comfortable. When I got back into the game, I was excited about how I could contribute to the team. Playing such an innings was very important because the World Cup was ahead. If I play well, I can play a bigger role in the team.

In this year’s Asia Cup, Kohli came out of the crease and played a lot of shots, which increased his options for runs. From April 2018 till the current Asia Cup, Kohli played 7.9 consecutive shots from the crease. However, in this year’s Asia Cup, he played shots after leaving the crease in 4.9 consecutive balls.

Not just this shot, the slog sweep, other conventional sweeps have also been seen playing. Kohli expressed his thoughts on this. He doesn’t want to think too much about his strike rate, six. He just wants to add new shots to his repertoire, play them without thinking too much on the field, “I told the coaches, I am looking more at strike rotation and boundaries than hitting sixes to increase the strike rate in T20. When the situation arises to hit a six, I will try to hit a six. But I want to rely more on strike rotation and boundaries to find gaps.

Kohli talked to his coaches about his batting strategy, “Three-four days ago I was talking to Rahul bhai too. When we bat first, we talked about how to increase my strike rate between 7 and 15 overs. We can play in different ways, but I want to play according to the situation and according to the needs of the team.