Champions League, Bernabeu, Real Madrid … fairy tales!

Once it is called a game of luck.

Even if it is twice, maybe the credit can be given to fate.

But three times, four times, if the same thing is repeated? The theory that a deer dies in a storm doesn’t work there anymore, the miracle of a fakir doesn’t work anymore, it then becomes a proof of skill.

Real Madrid’s unique skill in writing fairy tales!

After PSG in the last 16, Chelsea in the last eight, Manchester City realized that skill in the semi-final today. The ability to come back from the edge of the abyss incredibly. The remarkable ability to repeatedly remind them that the Champions League is their tournament. Real in the record 16th Champions League final in the latest installment exhibition. But at the end of 69 minutes, who could think!
After losing 4-3 in the first leg at City, Real had no choice but to win. In the words of English daily The Guardian, ‘101 miles per hour’ match!

Real were attacking after repeatedly finding Vinicius in the long pass, until then City were trying to grab the ball with great speed in front of Real’s D-box. Guardiola City are trying to defend themselves by creating a ‘low block’ in front of their box, keeping the field narrow in the 4-4-2 chart when Real attacks again.

Didn’t match just seeing the goal. Before the break, City still managed to put some shots in the post, but Real could not do that due to the attack in front of the seat box. Despite a great opportunity early in the second half, Vinicius was knocked out and frustration at the Bernabeu increased. It seemed that the night was not real.
In the 63rd minute, when Riyadh Mahrez’s shot got caught in the net, the idea became stronger. With 16 minutes left, the combination of two legs resulted in two goals for City. But Farlan Mendi saved the hope of Real Madrid’s return by returning the shot of Jack Grillish from the goal line in the 6th minute. Who knew, and after 33 minutes of going back, that would be the moment to change the “momentum” of the story of the extraordinary return!

PSG, the mistake that Chelsea made, the mistake of not being able to “kill” Real using the opportunity was also the mistake of City. And when the stage is knocked out of the Champions League, Real is the hunter if he survives becoming a victim! Their latest victim – Man City.

The goal was scored in the 90th minute when Bernabeu woke up after Rodrigo Benzema’s cross was saved by City defender Dias, who was attached to Guy. 1-1 in the match, 5-4 in two legs. Real still needs 1 goal, with 7 minutes left to add. Lots of time for real!

At every step of the injured tiger then the confidence to return, City frightened deer. With 13 Champions League winning teams never winning a title, the difference in the confidence of a team that only reached the final once is obvious. The difference between a guest’s reluctance to walk in his own room and a guest’s. Real’s home here is not only Bernabeu, but also the stage of the Champions League.
The reflection of the difference was seen after one minute. Round again. Rodrigo again! Now head on. 5-5 with two legs! There are still five minutes of added time left. It would have been dramatic if Real had scored the third goal then, but the stage is in the Champions League and the team could have adapted to that as Real.
Nothing supernatural happened, but what happened is less incredible! Addition to the Bernabeu surge again. Real got the penalty. Controversial? Maybe. Diaz throws Benzema into the box, but only because Benzema is in front of him. What is the real! Penalty came, Benzema cheered the ball into the net with a cold head. There are still 25 minutes of extra time left, but Real’s chances of reaching the final have probably improved since then!

In the Champions League! The match is in Bernabeu. Real’s grandfatherhood here.

And grandstanding is not just about luck.