China angered by arming Taiwan

US approves $1.1 billion arms sale to Taiwan The announcement came from Washington on Friday in order to strengthen Taiwan’s defense system. After the approval of the US, China said that if it is not canceled, it will take countermeasures against Washington.
There is tension between the US and China over Taiwan. Recently, the tension started with the visit of US Congress Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. Beijing conducts large-scale military exercises around Taiwan.

This is the largest approval of arms sales to Taiwan under the administration of current US President Joe Biden. The US announced new arms sales to Taiwan, including $66.5 million in maintenance and modernization of the Orethion radar warning system. Taiwan bought this system in 2013. The incoming missile can be detected through this radar system. In addition, there are 60 Harpoon missiles worth 35 million 50 million dollars, which are capable of sinking any ship. Apart from this, there are $8.56 million worth of Sidewinder missiles that the Air Force can use.

Taiwan’s presidential office spokesman Chang Tun-han thanked the United States for its continued support for the island’s security and defense in a statement. He said, these weapons will help the soldiers to fight. Apart from this, it will also increase the early warning capability against long-range ballistic missiles.

Taiwanese troops shot down a ‘civilian drone’ last Thursday on the small island of Xi’an, located some distance from Chinese territory. A day later, Taiwan warned that China should exercise restraint and immediately stop military exercises around Taiwan. On this day, the announcement of arms sales to Taiwan came from the United States.

China claims Taiwan as an integral part of its territory. However, Taiwan has always rejected China’s claim. Even the Chinese government is a strong critic of Western (especially US) influence in Taiwan’s economy and politics. Beijing has warned to quickly reverse its decision to sell arms to Taiwan.

“This sends the wrong signal to Taiwan’s pro-independence separatist forces,” said Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington. Apart from seriously jeopardizing Sino-US relations, it has destroyed peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.’

Pengyu also said, “In light of the situation, China will resolutely take legitimate and necessary countermeasures.”

The US Department of State approved the sale of arms to Taiwan. A spokesman for the ministry said, these weapons are very important for Taiwan’s security. He said, “We call on Beijing to withdraw from military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan. We want China to hold meaningful talks with Taiwan instead.

The US supports Taiwan’s continued efforts to modernize its armed forces and maintain credible defense capabilities, the spokesman said on condition of anonymity. Arms are being sold as part of the regular arms sale.

However, the sale of these weapons to Taiwan would require the approval of the US Congress. However, both parties in Congress have always supported the Taiwan issue. Therefore, it is assumed that the Congress will soon approve the new sale of these weapons to Taiwan.