Cousin Greg is the greatest in ‘Succession’

“Sequence” returns this Sunday for a third season in HBO. And for those of us who have already been inocolved in the cult, this means an important thing: the time to enjoy the guilty pleasure to see obscene people, the rich people are unclear privileged and ominous with each other and their so-called loved ones. Now, Greg “The Egg” Hirsch (played by Nicholas Braun) is part of the “consecutive” Roys family, distant. Hes very high (the actor is 67) with violence. “He is uncomfortable, stupid, unclear about the situation, regardless of the situation, and wants to be desperate. It is not an insult: in a world where the Roy family rules a great empire of the media, where a child has aspirations to the highest office on earth, while another child can get away unharmed after the murder of ” A man in a manager, where the daughter is like the calculation and hungry power like everyone, but it hides better, the appearance of Gregs on the screen is a calming balm. No, it’s not a court, but the person you want to be if you had to live in the world of “succession”.

Because, at least for now, Greg seems his soul.
Greg is “The boy in the room that doesn’t understand it, wanting to get it, and wants to be there,” Braun recently told the New York Times. “It was pretty easy to get Gregs, you know, thinking patterns.”

Greg is also the kind with which the audience is supposed to be identified at least at the beginning: it does not understand that the medium has been pushed, but surely you want it. Everyone wants with great guys and bad girls, and usually forget what it means to cross that section (Hello “,” bath “and” rewinds “). But his enthusiasm to fall, if he was in the garden of Eden, Hod will bring a combination to harvest the tree of knowledge, it is part of his charm. Your relationship with Tom Wambandans (Matthew Macfadyen) is critical to give the configuration of your way through the Roys. Wambandans, who wedding Roy Higre Shiv (is a more perfect nickname?) In the first season it is another stranger he wants, although he is a little smarter about the process. But if you meet Greg, who really has a dimension for the throne through blood, approaches and ensures that Greg like gum bumps. This strange relationship between them took for both Bumpy Bumps. But what we loved is how it always looks that Greg clean and bright.

When Wambanders are trying to get Greg to get rid of the incriminating documents on the Waystar Roycos Cruise division, Greg to crush … then he thinks twice and holds lever for himself. It is a totally identifiable situation, and we hope we are reaching if our boss tries to cover his ass.

In fact, Greg is so cappedly charming that when he let him know, he leverage, Tom actually looked like a proud father. It’s a time of teaching, even though I could sink forever. Another point in eggs favors. Gregs is also aware of other family members: During the Hedonistic undergraduate party of Wambandans, Greg was the Buzzkill for Kendall. He took drugs to prevent Kendall from doing them, although Greg was a new rookie of cocaine. Another point! But if there was a moment of coronation for Greg (so far) on the “succession”, he had to come when he testified before Congress.

He was completely outdated, and talked so formally, he had to reprimand his question to “talk to us normally”. In summary, Greg is the Wild Roy card. He may look more like a wild card, but it’s a question mark. Hes so far from the action runs that there is a possibility that it can eventually end.

And if you think it’s not a possibility, remember who landed on the throne at the end of the “throne game”. Greg is very much like the bran, without the ability of Warg.

At least not yet. Even Braun thinks it’s not an impossible fact. As he told him, Gregs had a long way to go. He often gets what he wants, through a mix of deception and cocoon. I leave other people to judge whether or not he is a candidate of true sequence. “