Criticism of Taiwan in the name of Qatar

Qatar, the host country of the FIFA World Cup, mentioned Taiwan as part of China on a website.

That is why Taiwan criticized Qatar on Wednesday.

Everyone who buys a ticket to the World Cup has to apply for a Haya card.

Because this Haya card will act as a visa in Qatar.

Taiwan was not named in the nationality section of the relevant website for this card application.

A Qatari official said the reason was that Taiwanese would be considered Chinese.

The words “Taiwan, Chinese state” were added to the website on Wednesday.

With the Taiwanese flag is used. But most Taiwanese citizens angered for those words.

In response, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu’s Remarks on Wednesday He also said that they

are trying to rectify the matter immediately by contacting the organizers

He called on the Qatari organizers to present a “beautiful World Cup of football”.

He also demanded that no “inconsistent political elements” influence the organization of the World Cup.

Like most countries in the world, Taiwan has no diplomatic relations with Qatar.

Athletes from Taiwan take part in competitions like the Olympics called ‘Chinese Taipei’ to avoid

political problems with Beijing.

Recently, China has been pressuring various countries and companies to mention Taiwan as part of

China in official documents and websites.

In this case, the words ‘Taiwan, Chinese state’, ‘Taiwan, China’ are being used.