David Weir challenges authorities for Tokyo Paralympic ‘We are sick of being second best’

Para-games is represented by the International Paralympic Committee, who in July straightforwardly proposed they are glad to give up control to those keen on taking it from them. Weir has tested Seb Coe, leader of World Athletics, to battle for para-games after Tokyo 2020 after over and over censuring an absence of financing, pay and interest in the game.

David Weir has moved the specialists to help out para-sport after the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.
The wheelchair dashing veteran completed fifth in the long distance race on the last day of contest in Japan.
Weir and individual ParalympicsGB para-competitors Johnnie Peacock and Hannah Cockcroft more than once raised issues of inconsistent subsidizing, pay and mechanical speculation in front of the Games, alongside helpless advancement.

Para-gamesGB finish second in Tokyo decoration tableParalympicsGB finsh second in Tokyo award table
Para-sports is administered by the International Paralympics Committee, however the association transparently recommended recently that they are glad to have it removed their hands.

Para-gamesGB finish second in Tokyo decoration table
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“A great deal of the public think we get similar cash as Mo Farah and the top competitors,” said Weir.
“I simply need it for the future – we don’t get bargains off Nike or the large organizations. This is our pay.

“That is the thing that I will battle for the time being, I will continue pushing and thumping on the entryway.
Weir, a six-time Paralympic champion, has seen rivals including Swiss genius Marcel Hug – who took triumph in the men’s T54 long distance race, 800 meters, 1500m and 5,000m – ready to make fast headways in seat innovation with better financing.

The 42-year-old passed up an award in Tokyo after also neglecting to platform in Rio de Janeiro five years prior.
He’s tested Seb Coe, leader of World Athletics, to mediate to empower legitimate financing and advancement for para-competitors.

“UK Sport don’t converse with the competitors – they need to converse with us more and when we get back, they will tune in,” Weir proceeded.

“I need to see us in the Diamond League. I need Seb Coe to plunk down with the top Paralympians in light of the fact that the IPC are not doing what’s necessary to advance us.
“The prize cash isn’t equivalent however we are battling, we are advising them. We do 26.2 miles, you wouldn’t pay diverse to people – so why not us?