Despite finishing third in the Copa, Argentina’s girls in the World Cup

The women’s Copa America started last week. The final two teams are also confirmed. Argentina fans may be disappointed to see the two teams meet in the final.

Argentina are the defending champions in the boys’ edition of this tournament of continental excellence. Last year, Lionel Messi-Angel Di Maria beat Brazil in the final on their home ground (Maracana Stadium). However, Argentina could not reach the final in the women’s Copa America. But the girls of Brazil are right in the final.
Despite this disappointment, there is also good news for Argentina fans. Argentina’s women’s national team booked their ticket to the 2023 World Cup by defeating Paraguay 3-1 in the Copa America third-place match at the Estadio Centinario stadium in Colombia last night.

Women’s World Cup will start from July 20 next year. This Women’s World Cup will see a 32-team tournament for the first time. Earlier, the Women’s World Cup was organized with 24 teams. Australia and New Zealand are the host countries for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

It was already known that the women’s performance in the Copa America will be taken into account in the South American region to play in the main stage of the 2023 World Cup. Argentina midfielder Romina Nunez’s own goal in the 39th minute led to the Paraguayan girls. Paraguay kept this lead until 77 minutes. But in the 78th minute, forward Yamila Rodriguez’s goal equalized Argentina.

Florencia Bonsegundo in the 90th minute and Rodriguez’s second goal in the next minute sealed the win for Argentina. Argentina had previously lost 1-0 to Colombia in the semi-finals. Brazil defeated Paraguay 2-0 in the final. Three teams can play directly in the 2023 Women’s World Cup from this Copa America tournament.

There are also two spots reserved for the playoffs. The two winners of the semi-finals and the winner of the third-place match will play directly in the finals of the World Cup. In other words, Brazil and Colombia, who won the semi-finals, and Argentina, who won the third-place match tomorrow, are guaranteed to play in the World Cup.

Paraguay, who lost the third-place match, had to play in an intercontinental playoff. The third-placed teams from each group in the Copa America will play a playoff match for fifth place. The winning team will advance to the intercontinental playoffs.

Women’s World Cup started in 1991. Argentina’s women’s national team has participated in the 2003, 2007 and 2019 editions of the tournament and never made it past the group stage. Brazil is the only team from the South American region to have played in all editions of the Women’s World Cup.