Diagnosis of the body by looking at the tongue

When he goes to the doctor, he often examines the patient’s tongue. This is because doctors can tell by looking at the human tongue, what disease the patient is suffering from. The color of the tongue lets you know if any serious disease is secretly nesting in your body.

There are certain medications that can temporarily change the color of the tongue if the tongue is not cleaned regularly.

  • However, the change in the color of the tongue without any reason indicates various physical problems. But let’s find out which changes of the tongue indicate which disease-
  • Usually the color of healthy tongue is light pink. If the color of your tongue is also light pink and has a thin white coating on top, then it is normal.

If the color of your tongue turns white, then it is most likely an infection due to dehydration or unclean mouth.

However, if there is a white layer in the tongue like cheese, it can be a symptom of a disease like leukoplakia.

💨One of the reasons is smoking.

The white tongue also indicates the flu.

The pale tongue indicates malnutrition in the body. Which can be easily solved by changing the diet.

Yellow tongue indicates digestive problems. Also, if you have liver or stomach problems, the color of the tongue may turn yellow.

Excessive caffeine intake can cause brown tongue. In addition, even if you smoke, your tongue may turn brown. Prolonged smokers may have a permanent brown lining on the tongue. It can even turn black.

If a bacterial infection occurs on the tongue, it can be black and hairy in nature.

On the other hand, those whose tongue color is red, should understand that their body is deficient in folic acid or vitamin B-12. Your tongue may be abnormally red.

If you look closely, you will see reddish spots on the tongue in a map-like pattern. This is called a geographic tongue.

Many people may think, the color of the tongue is blue again or not! In fact, blue and purple tongues indicate heart problems. Maybe your heart is not pumping blood properly or you have a lack of oxygen in your blood.

If the color of the tongue is blue, see a doctor immediately. In addition, brush your tongue, teeth and mouth regularly to maintain good health.

So that there are no bacteria in the mouth. We should use a tongue scraper daily to clean the tongue.🔱