Elon Musk tells Twitter workers headcount will be think

Elon Musk tended to Twitter workers interestingly on Thursday, extending a requirement for “defense of headcount” yet offering not many other new insights concerning his $44 billion takeover of the virtual entertainment organization.

Musk seemed through video call 10 minutes late to what ended up being a freewheeling back and forth discussion directed by a Twitter chief, in which Musk pondered about the presence of outsiders and other space civic establishments and his view that Twitter ought to help “progress and cognizance.”

He told Twitter staff he needs to raise the assistance’s client numbers to essentially a billion group and said publicizing would stay significant for the organization, in spite of beforehand saying he accepts Twitter shouldn’t serve promotions, as per sound of the gathering heard by Reuters.

“I think publicizing is vital for Twitter,” Musk said. “I’m not against publicizing. I would presumably converse with the promoters and say, as, ‘hello, we should simply ensure the advertisements are basically as engaging as could really be expected.'”

Twitter workers took to an inner Slack divert in large numbers during the meeting, posting images and whining that Musk was not giving helpful responses on his vision for the business and representative remuneration.