FA look at dubious Arsenal yellow card


Bookmakers have educated the FA to huge sums regarding cash being marked on an Arsenal player to be reserved, sources have told ESPN. 

The Football Association (FA) is looking at a yellow card got by an Arsenal player connected to dubious wagering designs during a Premier League match this season.

Sources need to ESPN that bookmakers have made the FA aware of uncommon measures of cash being marked on an individual from Mikel Arteta’s group to be reserved.

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A FA representative said:  The FA knows about the matter being referred to and is investigating it.

  • Stockpile are perceived to know about the circumstance. The player has not yet been named freely and a conventional examination has not yet been opened.
  • It is perceived that the FA’s enquiries are at first zeroing in on wagering designs rather than any singular player’s direct.
  • The development in the volume of betting business sectors has prompted what is known as spot wagering where the chance of exceptionally explicit occurrences including the hour of a card, corner or toss in can be bet on.

Examples of spot-fixing in Premier League football are thought to have been amazingly uncommon, not least due to the colossal wages players procure.

In any case, the UK government has been analyzing the connection between the game and the wagering area, with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport expected to distribute a white paper on a wide-running audit of betting laws early this year.