Fierce fighting with Russian forces in eastern Ukraine

Russian forces have intensified their offensive in eastern Ukraine. Authorities in the Kharkiv and Luhansk regions of Ukraine said on Saturday that Ukrainian troops were fighting fiercely with Russian forces. Their troops were able to show strong resistance in response to the attack.

According to the AFP news agency, hopes for a ceasefire have faded as fierce fighting has broken out in eastern Ukraine.

East Kharkiv Mayor Oleg Sinegovv claimed in his telegram that Kiev forces had recaptured three villages near the Russian border after heavy fighting. Our troops have been able to divide the Russian army from Bezruki, Slatin and Prudyanka. They have also been able to strengthen their position. The fight between the two sides started on Friday morning.

Sinegovv also claimed that Russian troops had attacked civilian installations, killing two. He forbade the locals to go out.

Sergei Geideo, mayor of the Luhansk region beside Kharkiv, said heavy fighting was taking place. He said there was a 24-hour gun battle between the two sides. The Russian army continues to attack the cities of Rubyny and Severodonetsk. He advised the people to leave the area if there was an opportunity.

Oleski Arestovich, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said Russian forces had not yet achieved a major victory by invading the east. The troops are trying to attack Hulaipol, north of Donetsk. But they failed to carry out the attack for six days in a row.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian official was quoted by Reuters as saying that the Kremlin had on Thursday demanded the fall of the southern port city of Mariupol, with the exception of the Azovstal steel plant. But Russian forces have intensified their attacks there again. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a convoy of Ukrainian troops, the official said.

Oleski said on Ukrainian national television that the Kremlin was trying to suppress resistance forces in the Mariupol area of ​​the Azovstal area.

But Reuters says the focus of Russia’s current offensive is the Danbas area. There, Moscow-backed separatists have occupied parts for years. The governor of Kharkiv claimed that there were casualties in the massive attack by Russian forces.

Russia claims today that a Ukrainian warplane and helicopter have been destroyed in the Kharkiv region. Kiev has not commented on the matter. However, Ukraine claims that it has destroyed 16 Russian warplanes and 154 helicopters since the start of the war.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom said today, citing military intelligence, that Russian troops had failed to make much progress in the past 24 hours.

Earlier in the day, Russian General Rustam Minekayev said Moscow wanted control of southeastern Ukraine in addition to the Donbass region. In other words, the Kremlin’s goal of attacking Ukraine is now much wider than it was earlier. He said that if Danbas was taken over, it would be possible to build a bridge between Crimea and the east. And if the south is under control, the way of communication with Transnistria will be easier. This will pave the way for aiding Russian-backed separatists.

After Minekayev’s remarks, Ukrainian President Zelensky said, “Russia’s attack on Ukraine is just the beginning of their aggression. Moscow has also prepared plans for the occupation of other countries. We are at the top of the row. Which country then? ‘ “After so many days, Ukraine’s allies have begun to deliver on their promised weapons,” he said.

Last Thursday, US President Joe Biden announced  600 million in military aid to Ukraine. Western nations say Russian President Vladimir Putin was desperate to declare victory after Russian troops failed to occupy Kiev last month. The Ukrainian president also said Russia was doing its best to show at least some victory.