Fiery Southern Texas policeman shot 3 days ago passes away

A Southern Texas police officer has passed away from injuries he sustained 3 days ago after being shot. The policeman, who has been identified as Officer John Thomas, was responding to a call when his car was ambushed by shots fired from an unknown person. He then lost control of the car and crashed into another vehicle before coming to a stop. Police have not yet found any leads in this case and are asking for anyone with information to come forward.

Officer Thomas was an 8 year veteran of the CPD and is survived by his wife Misha, who is 5 months pregnant. The last words he spoke to her were I love you. Please keep this officer’s family in your thoughts as they go through what will be a difficult time. May he rest in peace.

A large police presence has been spotted in the town of Riverside, Missouri. A message was relayed to us from a woman who claims she witnessed officers coming from all over their jurisdiction to deal with some type of incident at a nearby location. We have confirmed that it is a very veracious claim as numerous officers can be seen patrolling an area near the Riverside mall. No information has been confirmed just yet, but we have a crew on the way to provide you with any news as it is released.

A car crash that occurred earlier today in front of a local restaurant has caused some major delays in traffic. The reason for this being was because one individual had walked through the street and come too close to the edge of the road. As a result, another individual driving an SUV had no time to avoid hitting them and caused some pretty bad damage. Luckily both individuals survived with only minor injuries which should take about 2 weeks to heal. Police are still investigating this incident and have yet to release any information regarding it at this time.

If you lived in the area of Gerty, Ohio at any time in your life, you’ve probably heard stories. People talk about a woman who lives deep in the woods and will attack anyone who trespasses on her land. Some have even claimed to lose family members or friends that were going through that very wooded area. A team of researchers went out to find the truth behind this myth, but after several hours of research they didn’t come back with much. We were able to get in contact with one researcher who has asked to remain anonymous for safety concerns. “I have heard some pretty crazy things about the area where she supposedly lives. It is said that her farm house used to be a person’s house until the owner of the home was found dead one day and she moved in not too long after. It became something of a legend around these parts and people talk about it like you wouldn’t believe. We couldn’t find any evidence that anyone other than her had been living there, but we did manage to get some pretty great pictures of the area. I’ll send over a few to you once they are developed, but until then it’s probably best if everyone sticks around town unless they want to end up like us.

Another accident has occurred on the side of the road in front of a small motel on Route 301. We have received word that this is apart of an ongoing investigation and we will update you once more information is given. We apologize for the inconvenience.