For the first time in the UK, the temperature exceeded 40 degrees

Extreme heat sets new UK temperature record. Local time on Tuesday, the country’s temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius, which is the highest so far.News from Reuters and BBC.

According to the United Kingdom Met Office, the temperature of 40.3 degrees Celsius was recorded in the Coningsby area of ​​central England on Tuesday. Earlier in 2019, UK recorded the highest temperature of 38.3 degrees Celsius.

British meteorologist Stephen Belcher said he never expected to see such temperatures in the UK in his career.

Stephen Belcher said, ‘The Met Office’s research showed that under normal climate conditions UK temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius would be impossible. However, due to climate change centered on greenhouse gases, such extreme temperatures have occurred.
Trains from London to East and West Coast routes have been cancelled. Power companies say they are experiencing massive outages. There was silence in the busiest cities.

UK railway company Network Rail has released some images on Twitter. It was found that the railway lines were bent due to high temperature.

The London Fire Brigade has declared the temperature rise a major incident. They urged people to stop making barbecues.

London’s Ambulance Service says they are receiving 400 calls an hour due to the extreme heat.

Peter Rhodes, Deputy Director of Ambulance Operations, said, “The number of patients coming to us is increasing due to the heat. Among them, the tendency to have trouble breathing, dizziness and fainting has been seen.

Tuesday was Germany’s hottest day of 2022 on record. According to the data of the National Meteorological Department of the country, the temperature of 39.5 degrees Celsius was recorded in Duisberg city. The heat wave is continuously spreading towards the north and east. A temperature of 39.5 degrees Celsius was also recorded in the Netherlands on this day.

The ongoing heat wave in Portugal is increasing significantly. More than 1,000 people have died in the country since last week due to heat wave.

Due to the extreme heat wave, the central and northwestern parts of Spain are burning. The Copernicus Monitoring Service, Europe’s weather monitoring organization, says that since 2003, Spain has had the highest carbon emissions from wildfires since last June.

A fire broke out in the mountainous region of Penteli, Greece. Houses were burnt. Authorities were forced to evacuate people from at least four areas and one hospital.