Former British Ambassador to Myanmar jailed

Former British Ambassador to Myanmar Vicky Bowman and her husband Thein Lin have been sentenced to one year in prison by Myanmar’s military authorities.
The couple was arrested in Yangon last week. They were charged with violating immigration laws. It is expected that the trial will become more of a political concern than the allegations of breaking immigration laws. Cases of prosecution of such foreign nationals in Myanmar are comparatively less.

Thein Lin is a citizen of Myanmar. He is an artist. The former royal prisoner was a member of the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front. This armed organization was formed around the movement of the youth against the military junta of Myanmar in 1988.

Vicky Bowman, meanwhile, was the youngest diplomat in Myanmar in the 1990s. Then he was the British Ambassador to the country from 2002 to 2006. Currently he lives in Yangon. He runs an organization called Myanmar Center for Responsible Business.

After Tein Lin and Vicky Bowman got married, they moved to London, UK. Then in 2013 they returned to Yangon again.

As well as the couple’s home in Yangon, they also have a home in Shan Province. They were arrested last week after returning from there. Military authorities say the couple were arrested after failing to show they had permission to stay in Shan province.