How Barcelona is raising money

Only football fans know that Barcelona is in extreme financial crisis. This time, before the start of the new season, Barca poured money into the transfer market even with this huge loan. Robert Lewandowski, buys Rafinia. Barca cost 68 million euros for Rafinha. And Lewandowski spent 5 million euros. Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann said it was strange to see a club in dire financial straits spend so much money on a transfer. That is normal, but Barca has seen light in this dark tunnel of debt.
Before that, it is better to inform the current financial situation of Barca. President Juan Laporta said that the team has a loss of 48 million 10 million euros. 113 crore 60 lakh euro against the income of 63 crore 10 lakh euro. In such a situation, Barca launched its second “economic lever” – the club sold 15 percent of its TV rights in La Liga to the investment company “Sixth Street”. They will get 400 million euros from this contract for the next 25 years. Earlier last month, Barca sold 10 percent of the TV rights of the same company. “Sixth Street will receive 25 percent of Barca’s La Liga TV rights in total for the next 25 years,” Barca’s statement on the sale of TV rights said.

In simple terms, this means using the club’s assets to earn money.The first ‘economic lever’ is the sale of 49.9 percent of Barça Licensing and Merchandising (BLM), from which the club expects to receive around 300 million euros.