IMF advice is useful in many cases

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal said, ‘International Monetary Fund (IMF) advice is beneficial for Bangladesh in many ways. IMF delegations always come to Bangladesh and give various suggestions, we also take suggestions. The IMF always talks about some reform-oriented projects.
The finance minister said all this in response to the questions of the journalists after the meeting of the cabinet committee on government procurement on Wednesday.

Regarding the conditions for borrowing from the IMF, the Finance Minister said that the government made many promises in the budget. It is good for the country if these are done. If these proposals are received from the IMF, they will definitely be accepted. He also said that loans will be taken from the IMF if necessary. Finance Minister A-O said that there is no need for foreign loans at the moment.

The Finance Minister said that the IMF has not given an official proposal to give loans to Bangladesh, and Bangladesh has not sent a proposal either.
There may be doubts that we will take on much or compromise. If taken, it will be in the interest of the country. Nothing will be taken against our interests; Nothing will be done even if one’s own interests are washed away.