Imran Khan apologized to the court

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has apologized in a contempt of court case. Imran Khan apologized to the court on Thursday, his lawyer said. Imran Khan also said that he did not say anything for contempt of court. This will never happen in the future.
Imran’s lawyer Faisal Chowdhury said that the court has adjourned the contempt of court case against Imran Khan. He also said that the court has ordered Imran Khan to submit an unconditional apology to the court in a written application by October 3.

The case was filed over a speech given by Imran Khan last month. It is alleged in the case that Imran Khan threatened the police and judicial officers in that speech. Imran Khan had threatened to grant bail to one of his close aides in a sedition case.

Imran Khan’s lawyer Faisal Chowdhury said that the court appreciated Imran Khan’s apology. He claimed that most of the complaints would be dismissed after the apology. Faisal Chowdhury also said that the court will publish a written document of its verdict on Imran Khan’s apology.

Lawyer Faisal Chowdhury also said that within the time given by the court, an application seeking unconditional apology will be prepared and submitted to the court.

The High Court was supposed to charge Imran Khan with contempt of court. This is a move where the court would order Imran Khan to stay away from politics if convicted. According to Pakistani law, a politician convicted in this case is banned for at least five years.

Earlier on September 19, the High Court of Pakistan ordered to withdraw the anti-terrorism law case brought against Imran Khan. On August 20, Imran was booked under the Anti-Terrorism Act for commenting that action would be taken against a senior police officer and a woman member of the judiciary.