Indonesian president to meet Zelensky and Putin to ask harmony talks

Indonesian president and G20 administrator Joko Widodo set off on Sunday to Europe where he said he intends to visit Russia and Ukraine and meet with the nations’ chiefs to ask harmony talks.

Widodo withdrew for Germany to go to as a visitor for the G7 culmination from June 26 to 27, and he will then go to the Ukraine capital Kyiv to meet President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The mission is to inquire… President Zelensky to open a discourse gathering for harmony, to construct harmony in light of the fact that the conflict must be halted,” he told a public interview in Jakarta.

The two chiefs will likewise examine the food production network “that should be reactivated” soon, Widodo said. From Kyiv, Widodo is booked to visit Moscow and meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

The visit to Moscow is made arrangements for 30 June, Indonesian specialists said prior.

“With a similar mission, I will request that president Putin open an exchange and to promptly have a truce and to stop the conflict,” he said. Prior in April Widodo declared he had called Zelensky and welcomed him to join world pioneers at G20 Summit in Bali in November 2022 as a visitor.

Indonesia holds the alternating administration of the G20 this year and has been compelled by Western nations, drove by the United States, to reject Russia from the gathering.

Widodo, nonetheless, didn’t cancel the solicitation to Russia and said that Putin has communicated his goal to go to the November highest point.

Indonesia, as most major arising economies, has attempted to keep a nonpartisan position and has required a quiet goal to the months-long struggle.

Widodo wouldn’t send weapons to Ukraine because of a solicitation from Zelensky, rather offering philanthropic guide.

Subsequent to closing the European visit, Widodo will make a beeline for the United Arab Emirates prior to getting back to Indonesia.