Iranian film ‘Life Again’ in Bengali

Aslan and Rehan have been hitched for quite a while. They have a little family. The lone youngster in the cycle is additionally exile. Aslan needs to go to an advanced age home to deal with the developing depression between the two. However, Rehan can’t acknowledge that. Despite the fact that at one point they had to go to the advanced age home. However, destiny caused a circumstance in which groundbreaking insights about existence began once more.

This is the account of the film ‘Life Again’ coordinated by Reza Fahimi. This will be the current week’s film of Charki. The 6-minute film was delivered in 2016 in Persian. The film has been delivered in Bengali today. Golab Adineh, Shams Langordi, Ayeh Moghaddam and numerous others have acted in the film ‘Life Again’.

Charki is naming and delivering standard unfamiliar substance in Bengali alongside the first satisfied. There are various series and motion pictures that have acquired a ton of watchers.