Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip

Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip

Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip for the third day

Israel attacked the Gaza Strip for the third day in a row.

At least 24 innocent Palestinians have died so far, including six children.

More than two hundred were injured.

An organization called Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine launched a counter-rocket attack on Israeli territory.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Israel has announced to continue the anti-terror operation to ensure the safety of its citizens.

News Al-Jazeera.

On Saturday (06 August) night, the Palestinian armed group Islamic Jihad Movement fired rockets at Israeli territory.

The organization claims that in response to the airstrikes, they fired rockets at various facilities including Tel Aviv.

Although Israel has claimed to resist it.

On this day, the Israeli forces once again carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

Several people including children were injured in the attack in the northern town of Jabalia.

  • However, Israel has denied this attack.
  • Tel Aviv claims that its forces did not attack in the area.
  • Instead, they died in a rocket attack by Palestinian Jihadists.
  • Meanwhile, the United Nations said in a statement that at least 40 Palestinian families have been displaced by the ongoing Israeli attack on Gaza for two days.
  • Apart from this, more than 650 houses were damaged.
  • Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Israel has announced to continue the anti-terror operation to ensure the safety of its citizens.
  • And the defense minister has warned that the Islamic Jihad Movement will have to pay a heavy price for launching rocket attacks on their territory.
  • Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the terrorist group’s rockets were repelled.
  • We launched airstrikes targeting their rocket depots.
  • This group has posed a threat to the lives of the people of Gaza.
  • They must pay for it.
  • The operation we are conducting against terrorism will continue.

It has no limits

Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip

Earlier, at least 10 people were killed in the August 5 attack.

Israel said the attacks targeted the resistance movement Islamic Jihad in response to the imminent threat.

There have been four wars between Israel and Hamas before this.

They have been involved in military conflicts at various times in the last 15 years.

  • The Gaza Strip, home to two million people, has suffered a terrible loss.
  • whether to join new conflicts; Hamas is ambivalent about it.
  • It’s only been a year since they had a war with Israel.
  • In that violence, Israel has caused terrible destruction in the valley.
  • After that, there was not much reconstruction of the infrastructure.
  • Gaza is isolated from the world. Due to which the region is mired in extreme poverty.
  • The unemployment rate is also 50 percent.
  • Palestinian health authorities say a five-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman were among those killed in Saturday’s (06 August) attack.
  • Military-civilian accounts of casualties were not separated.

The leader of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ziad Al Nakhlah, met with the President of Iran on Saturday (06 August) in the midst of ongoing counterattacks.

He also met with the head of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran.

Iran has strongly criticized Israel for carrying out airstrikes on Palestinian territories.