Japan-Russia agreement on fishing amid tensions over Ukraine

Russia has imposed more sanctions on Moscow than any other country in the world since Russia launched its offensive in Ukraine. With this, the relations between the two countries have deteriorated. However, Japan and Russia have reached an agreement on Tokyo’s quota for salmon and trout fishing in Russian rivers.

Reuters reports that it is unclear whether the two governments will hold talks this year because of the deteriorating relations between Russia and Japan. At the same time, the fate of the country’s fishermen in the disputed northern islands of Japan was uncertain.

The two countries have agreed that Japanese fishermen will be able to catch 2,050 tonnes of salmon and trout in the country’s special economic zone off the coast this year. Japan’s fisheries agency says the Japanese government will pay Russia 200 to 300 million yen (Japanese currency) depending on the annual fishing.

Amid rising tensions between Tokyo and Moscow over Ukraine, talks between the Japanese and Russian representatives on fishing began earlier this month.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Japan has expelled Russian diplomats and imposed sanctions on Russia, in addition to removing it from the list of friendly countries.

In response to the Tokyo sanctions, Russia withdrew from the suspended peace talks with Japan and withdrew from the joint economic project.