Jim Harbaugh Gives Fashion Advice to NFL Players

Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, is a man with many talents. He can lead his team to victory on any given Sunday. He can motivate his players to do their best no matter what happens. And he also has great taste in clothes! In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, Harbaugh revealed that he gives fashion advice to some of his players who need it most. I tell them you have one chance when you walk out there, says Harbaugh about the importance of looking good for game day. You’re going to be judged. So you might as well look good.

Jeff! Harbaugh also had a chance to talk about his clothes and said that he’s been wearing the same type of outfit for more than 20 years now: I’m a 5-10, 190 guy who fits perfectly into a size 42 regular jacket – which is amusing because it used to be 36 regular. These days I buy most of my clothes off the rack at Kohl’s, but if you put me in a custom-tailored shirt, I look a little slimmer. My go-to jeans are Levi’s 569s in the slim fit I’ve worn them for about 25 years, since my sophomore year at Michigan, and I’m still wearing some of those jeans.

Haha, maybe LeBron James should take notes about what Harbaugh is saying! Although he prefers to not be the center of attention, we will continue to admire his great sense of fashion.

Harbaugh also revealed that one of his favorite interview questions was simply this Why? and why it’s the greatest question of all.

Harbaugh said that why is the greatest word in the English language. So I love asking people, Why?

Why do you like this? Why do you want to be a ballerina? Why do you want to play football, or whatever it is. And I think people give great answers.

My favorite response from Harbaugh about his fashion was when he said: I’ve worn the same thing for more than 20 years now 5-10 and 190, size 42, Kohl’s That’s a man that knows his fashion! Keep up the good work coach!

See? It’s not all about NBA Finals and LeBron James. The guy has other interests as well, like fashion for example. I liked what he said about why are the greatest word of the English language and I also like his fashion style. He’s almost like the James Bond of American Football.

But what about you? Do you agree or not with Harbaugh when it comes to fashion? Do you think he has great taste in clothes, too bad that LeBron doesn’t seem to care about any of this stuff I mean come on! The guy got a chance to play in the NBA Finals and he got a chance to meet one of his inspirations! I don’t think there’s anyone who would not want to do this, but still, LeBron doesn’t care.