Joe Biden Touts Un’s Support To End ‘Relentless War’

“An end to relentless war” – Joe Biden promises UN an end of the ‘relentless war.’ The start? Relentless diplomacy.

The end? To seek a diplomatic solution to the world’s problems.

Joe Biden, who is currently visiting Geneva and met with U.N. officials on Saturday, acknowledged the importance of an American military presence, but he also highlighted America’s role as “the essential power of good in the world.

Joe Biden Punches Peace Gold

Card – Promises UN Relentless Diplomacy For An End Of The World’s Wars.

“Think of all the progress that has been made,” he said. “The toll would have been infinitely worse if not for the United States of America standing up, leading and fighting for freedom … We are now in a position where we can begin to look at an endgame. This is just beginning to change.”

Mr Biden acknowledges what many have known for years – An Endless War Will Not Solve The World’s Problems.

The “end game” must include diplomacy, with military action as a last resort, Mr Biden said. The war will also be waged relentlessly on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter to seek a diplomatic solution without violence.

Mr Biden said that “from Tripoli to Kabul, from Sanaa to Kandahar, we’re seeing people in the streets demanding their universal rights.”

The relentless war has been fought on many fronts and social media is one of them. The social media juggernaut will keep pushing for peace – relentlessly.

Biden was met with applause when he praised the strength of the United Nations’ anti-terrorism resolutions and his hope to see them implemented rigorously by U.N. members states.

Diplomacy works best when there are consequences – both positive and negative! Mr Biden hopes that these changes will be made in a “relentless.” A DEFINITION OF RELENTLESS: adjective – never stopping, always continuing or advancing.

“We are the essential power of good in the world,” he said. “There is nobody to replace us.” But America itself isn’t enough- it must be “led by example,” he added. Not quite the change that was expected, but still hopeful for some – Is Biden’s Peace Speech The Start Of A Relentless War?

Joe Biden promises an end to the relentless war with Social Media diplomacy and criticism! It’s all about leadership.

Patience with War; Start of Diplomacy?

“I don’t know what the next administration is going to face,” he said. “But we’re leaving them a much stronger, more respected and capable America.”

Mr Biden then brushed off speculation that his trip could be seen as an attempt for him to shore up support among Jewish-Americans if he were to make a run for the presidency in 2020.

He promised an end of the world’s wars through Social Media diplomacy by setting examples and leading – thus ensuring peace throughout the world without conflict or bloodshed! To seek a diplomatic solution without violence! This should have been expected – after all, this is how social media works… Relentlessy!!

An Endless War Will Not Solve The World’s Problems. An end to relentless war starts with relentless diplomacy on social media – Facebook, Twitter etc… “seek a diplomatic solution without violence” Joe Biden, U.S. vice president—and 2020 presidential hopeful?

Joe Biden promises an end to the relentless war with Social Media diplomacy and criticism! It’s all about leadership.

The War On Terror was never meant to be won, it was meant to be continuous until the public gave up… Unfortunately the public seems to have given up – A Response For Ending The War On Terror Or At Least Making It More Successful By Giving It More Resources And A Reason.