Josh Duggar Visits Wife Ann in Family Court

Josh Duggar, the disgraced former reality TV star and anti-gay activist, was seen in public on Thursday with his pregnant wife Ann after a judge denied their motion to dismiss child pornography charges.

As we reported, Duggar and his wife were indicted for the use and possession of child pornography after police conducted a search warrant on their home.

Josh said he acted inexcusably for which he tearfully apologized on Fox News last year. The molestation of five minors, including four of his sisters, became public knowledge after his parents attempted to cover it up and instead threw the victims under the bus—shaming them and calling into question their trustworthiness.

Since then, the couple had four additional children of whom they’ve had to raise on a modest budget after losing their show on TLC.

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It’s a pretty sad way for a young family to live after being subjected to everything they were.

I certainly can’t find any humor in this article but will say the use of Trump’s photo is very funny! May he be impeached soon! However, I doubt that you are going to get anything out of these people by shaming them. They have no shame of their own although they should have some considering their past. Reply Delete

I realize that I’m responding to an article written months ago but this is the only avenue available to me at the moment! I have quite a bit of information about Josh’s wife having previously lived in Ohio, so quite possible she was involved in politics there. It seems likely she would be extremely religious too judging by her upbringing. Josh definitely should be ashamed of his activities, the only one who looks sad is Anna- a battered wife dressed in her Sunday best. She’s probably trying to fool herself into thinking she has a future with him while he serves time for being a child molester and practicing incest! I’d like to point out that this family.