King Ronaldo is only a spectator this time

This is the story of suddenly becoming a subject of a king. Talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. Not long ago, European club football’s premier competition, the Champions League, was ruled by pomp and circumstance. Is that Ronaldo just a spectator of the Champions League?
Today kicks off the season of European club football excellence. Ronaldo is not there. His club Manchester United could not qualify for this year’s Champions League. Today, when the music of the Champions League will play, the group stage game will begin, if you sit in front of the television, Ronaldo’s heart is supposed to be twisted!

Debut in professional football in 2002-03 season. Ronaldo played in the Champions League for the first time, for Sporting. However, his golden chapter in this competition began in the 2007-08 season. He lifted the first Champions League trophy of his career in United’s jersey. That was the start of his success story on the European stage. With a break in between, he won the second Champions League title of his career for Real Madrid in the 2013-14 season.

From 2015 to 2018, Ronaldo did not let anyone get close to him. He has taken himself and Real to another level by winning three consecutive Champions Leagues. With team success, Ronaldo’s personal success ladder has also climbed up. He has the record of playing the most 183 matches in this competition, also the record of the most 140 goals. Scored 17 goals in 2013-14 season. That is the record for most goals scored in a season so far. He has many other records, big and small.

But stars also fall. Despite all the superhuman achievements in football, Ronaldo is a man of flesh and blood. Aging and loss of performance are inevitable. As the age increases, the magician’s hand also trembles, the magic wand may fall from his hand. Ronaldo’s career is now ebb and flow. Do you have the energy to run like before! That’s why he could pull the team single-handedly, now he can’t. Ronaldo couldn’t get United back on track last season, which had lost its rhythm.

Even if the king’s strength runs out, the king’s mind is not lost. The king wants to retain his nobility, wants to walk in his noble arena. Same thing happened with Ronaldo. Ronaldo did not want to miss his home Champions League. Therefore, the 37-year-old Portuguese star is looking for a club that plays in the Champions League after changing teams this time. But no one took the ‘old’ Ronaldo into the team.

When Ronaldo wanted to leave, United didn’t want to let him go either. But before the start of the season, they also understood – Ronaldo is really old. So his address is now the bench. As much as he can stay in the field, he is a substitute.