Kris Jenner says she thought Blac Chyna attempted to kill Rob Kardashian

On the testimony box Friday, Kris Jenner said she was 100 percent sure that Blac Chyna attempted to kill Rob Kardashian one night in 2016.

Jenner affirmed that she heard Chyna put a telephone charger around Rob’s neck and held a weapon to his head.

“It was finished disarray. It was unnerving,” the Kardashian family authority said.
Chyna, 33, affirmed prior in the week about the night being referred to. She said that she put the line around Rob’s neck as a joke and that the weapon was dumped. She asserted they were praising the restoration of their unscripted TV drama.

Yet, as indicated by Kris, there was no kidding and Rob, 35, was wrecked subsequently.
“He was a wreck,” she said. “I could hardly comprehend how he felt. … This was terrible. I was grief stricken.”

Chyna sued Kris, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner, for maligning. She says the Kardashian krew planned to drop her show with Rob on E! network, “Loot and Chyna,” after they separated.

After the 2016 battle, Kris Jenner messaged a “Ransack and Chyna” showrunner saying, “We really want to discard this.” But on Friday, she asserted she didn’t have anything to do with the show’s abrogation.

“It’s not my proudest second, but rather it was the manner by which I felt at that point,” she said.