LA Dodgers: Breaking the Streak

The LA Dodgers have been trying to break the Giants’ NL West lead for a while now, but they just couldn’t do it. That is, until this week when they swept the Diamondbacks in Arizona and finally trimmed their deficit. The sweep came at an opportune time too because with only one game left in the season, there are no more opportunities for them to catch up. If you want to know how they did it or what this means for next year then keep reading!

The first game of the series went to the Diamondbacks who scored three runs early on, which was all that starter Ian Kennedy needed. The Dodgers tried to get back into it but never were able to so they lost 4-3. However, rookie pitcher Julio Urias had a very good outing even though he couldn’t keep his team in the game. He pitched seven innings while giving up three runs on four hits and striking out six batters, which is very good for a young pitcher like him.

Continuing their momentum from Game 1, the Diamondbacks beat LA once again with a 7-3 win behind another strong outing from newly acquired hurler J.D. Martinez. He went 3-4 with two RBIs and a home run, all of which were crucial for his team on their way to the win. The Dodgers couldn’t get anything going on offense but at least they put up three runs in this game compared to only one in Game 1.

Now it was time for Game 3, which was yet another pitching duel between Arizona’s Patrick Corbin and LA’s Kenta Maeda, but this time it would be the Dodgers who walked away with a 1-0 victory. Corbin pitched well, going six innings while giving up just one run on four hits and striking out nine batters, but he also gave up a solo home run to Logan Forsythe in the 5th inning. On the other hand, Maeda gave up four hits and no runs while going seven innings. This turned out to be a very important win for the Dodgers because it allowed them to go into their last game of the season with a small chance of winning the division title.

The last game of the series was a pitcher’s duel between Taijuan Walker and Julio Urias. It looked like Walker got the worst of it though because he only performed well for five innings while giving up eight runs, all of which came from homers. In contrast, Urias pitched very well despite not being able to go as deep into the game as he would’ve liked to. He ended up going 5.1 innings while giving up four runs and striking out seven batters, but with two home runs given up by his teammates, this was enough for the Dodgers to win the game and bring them closer to a tie for first place in their division.

The Giants had a chance of losing the division but they ended up not doing so because their 15-8 win over the Rockies gave them an 11 game lead on both LA and Arizona. This means that even if the Dodgers win all of their remaining games then it won’t be enough to win the division. However, there are still other things that they could win and seeing as the playoffs should be a possibility for them, you should expect to see this team continue playing well. If anything, their performance over these last three games should be an indicator of what we’ll see from them next year.

So congratulations to the Giants on another NL West title! Now that they’ve wrapped up their division, they can look forward to the postseason where they’ll play a winner from the NL Central. At this point, there are several teams who have a chance of winning but seeing as we’re still a little ways away from the actual games, I’d recommend not reading too much into any of the team’s chances just yet.

That pretty much covers everything you should know about this series between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks, but if you want to see some clips or other media related to it then feel free to check out these links below!

A complete recap of all three games played by MLB’s two best teams over the past few days, complete with highlights and analysis.

The Diamondbacks beat LA 4-3 in a close game to even the series at 1-1. It was a pitchers duel until the Dodgers’ bullpen began to falter leading to their defeat.

Urias pitched very well but it wasn’t enough because his teammates let him down allowing the Diamondbacks to get a 1-0 victory over LA.

A complete recap of all three games played by MLB’s two best teams over the past few days, complete with highlights and analysis.

The Giants beat Colorado 8-3 to improve their win/loss record on the season and secure another NL West title. This leaves it down to LA and Arizona to see which of them will compete for a wild card spot going into the postseason.

The Dodgers beat Arizona 4-0 in Game 3 of their series by relying on their strong pitching performance, including a six inning start from Patrick Corbin who struck out nine batters while only giving up four hits. Despite losing, the Diamondbacks will still go onto the postseason while LA could possibly clinch a spot too.

Giants starter Matt Moore helped his team defeat the Rockies 5-4 by going 7 innings pitching and collecting nine strikeouts. With this win, SF improved to a 98-58 record while also securing home field advantage in the NLDS.