Lady accused of taking $300K from California retailers

A lady has been accused of fabulous robbery for supposedly taking more than $300,000 in stock from retail locations in California

COSTA MESA, Calif A lady has been accused of excellent robbery for purportedly taking more than $300,000 in stock from retail locations in California.

Ekaterina Zharkova, 38, was captured last month after a specialist with the California Highway Patrol’s Organized Retail Theft team saw her taking from a Nordstrom Rack in Costa Mesa. At the point when individuals from the team looked through her condo, they tracked down more than $328,000 worth of taken product, the Orange County District Attorney’s office said in an assertion.

Examiners accept she endeavored to sell taken product through an extravagance online transfer store.

Zharkova was accused of four lawful offense counts of fabulous burglary, one crime count of getting taken property, and seven wrongdoing counts of insignificant robbery. She faces as long as nine years in jail in case indicted all in all.

It’s not known whether she has a lawyer who can talk for her sake.

The charge comes in the midst of a rash of huge scope burglaries in California in which gatherings of people audaciously race into stores and take products on display.

Shoplifting and other retail robbery is crazy across California because of foolish laws that have made the danger definitely not exactly the likely award, District Attorney Todd Spitzer said. These are not harmless wrongdoings and assuming you take part in these sorts of ludicrous burglary plans we will capture you, we will arraign you, and we’re putting you in jail.

In September, Zharkova argued not blameworthy to a different lawful offense stupendous robbery accusation and wrongdoing allegation of ownership of thievery devices, as per court records.

She likewise argued not liable in a lawful offense terrific burglary case in Los Angeles recorded in August, the Orange County Register revealed.