Laporta has no intention of selling to De Young

8 crore at once or 8 and a half crore at first and another 1.5 crore euros at the same time – that is the obstacle in Frankie de Young’s journey to Manchester United. At least that’s what you hear when you hear the rumors of a change of party in Europe. Barcelona are forced to sell Dutch midfielder De Young to overcome the financial crisis. And only United are interested in getting him. Eric Ten Hughes, who played for Ajax in Europe, is now at Manchester United.
Initially, he objected to leaving Barcelona, ​​but now he has accepted the future. Now just waiting to see which club is more adept at bargaining. But Barcelona president Juan Laporta said something different, they have no intention of selling De Young.

players who can get big bucks by selling are all an integral part of coach Xavi’s team.

Laporta, however, says that Barcelona wants to keep De Young as well as Ansu Fati, Pedri, Feran Torres or Gavi, we have no desire to sell him. He wants to be himself. However, in the following words, his main purpose has been revealed. There is a rumor that Barcelona is not getting higher prices because no other club wants De Young in the transfer market. “Manchester United are not the only club who want him,” Laporta said.

Barcelona are looking to add Robert Lewandowski to the attack, whether or not they sell De Young from midfield. Lewandowski also wants to leave Bayern Munich. He still wants to go to Barcelona – he did not say, but his possible destination is Barcelona. “Lewandowski is a Bayern Munich player and I don’t want to talk about it,” Laporta said. I want to come to Barcelona, ​​I want to thank him for that. ‘