Let the new generation take interest in agriculture

In the month of Baishakh, many of us with our families go to visit the village. At this time the village is busy picking paddy.

During this time I see many children to help with family chores. They also do the rice work in tandem with the adults. They are the main help to the family in cutting, threshing, boiling and sunbathing.

An SSC examinee came from the city to the village to help the family. I was a little surprised that he did not give time for this work in the exam. But then it seemed that being interested in agriculture was a very positive thing. He will take his studies just in time.

I also saw 8/10 year old children doing their work in comfort. Rice harvesting is a lot like a festival. The kids quite enjoy it.

When the paddy grows in the farmer’s house, there is a flood of joy. New rice cakes are arranged. Being an agrarian economy in the family, it undoubtedly brings happiness.

Some of the children offer various things to the family, then they are told that when the paddy is ripe, they will buy it after selling it. In other words, the festival spreads around the village.

Bangladesh is a major agricultural country. Everything the farmer produces is a blessing for us. Various researches are done in the country for the production of more agricultural products. The participation of the new generation is also very much needed in this work.

If we can become self-sufficient in agriculture, our import dependence will decrease. In this way the price of the product will be within reach. Because there will be no extra cost like airfare or purchase of goods.

To take the country forward, the new generation must be interested in agriculture. Farmers need to be given the respect they deserve. So that no one thinks of agricultural work as small.

Children are able to learn a lot by participating in agriculture by helping their families. In the future, the agricultural system may be further improved by their hands.