‘Lonely Home in the World’ for sale

For people who like to be alone, the house is like a dream. That house is called ‘the most lonely house in the world’. However, the current owner has announced to sell the house. He has raised the price of the house to 3 lakh 39 thousand US dollars, which is about three crore rupees in Bangladeshi currency. News from NDTV.

The small house is located on an island in the US state of Maine. The house is located between the Canadian border and Acadia National Park. The house in the coastal area of ​​Maine is uninhabited and completely isolated from everything. Sitting at home, you can see all the wonderful views of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The 540 sq ft house was built in 2009 with an area of ​​1.5 acres. The house has a bedroom and a small kitchen. All the wonderful views of the sea can be seen from there. Whoever buys the house will never have to hear the sound of vehicles. Extremely friendly neighbors will never come to bother. There is no shortage of space in the house, so there is nothing inside except the kitchen and the bedroom. There is a bathroom outside the house.

The homeowner has given the responsibility of selling the house to an asset management company. The company listed the house for sale and wrote there, ‘There are scenes all around the house that will keep you entertained all the time. There are no trees here, but there are scenes of nature that cannot be seen anywhere else. You have no neighbors next to this house. However, the island and the solitary time spent together will meet here.

The infrastructure of the house is also quite good. The beach is just a few meters away from the house. Surrounded by uninhabited house just beautiful scenery. Such a form of nature cannot be seen anywhere. The house is only one mile from the mainland of the island. There is less time to get there in a small boat from the town of Jonesport.