Man accused of rape convicted for trying to hire hit man

A man who was charged with three counts of rape has been convicted for trying to hire a hitman to kill the victims. The judge presiding over the case commented that this was perhaps one of the most despicable crimes he had seen in his 16 years on the bench.

This article is about how a man accused of 3 counts of rape attempted to hire someone to kill his accusers after being convicted.

As there is no official mention of the occurrence in question, it cannot be said for certain whether or not this incident actually took place. There are no forms of identifying the defendant either.

The only thing that can be ascertained is that this article was published in a paper called The Sumter Item, dated 15 April 2005 edition.

A man who was charged with three counts of rape has been convicted for trying to hire a hitman to kill the victims.

It is beyond belief that an accused person could be found guilty of trying to have his accusers killed commented judge George Reynolds, presiding over the case at Sumter County Criminal Court No. 1 in Bushnell, Florida.

This was probably one of the most despicable crimes I have seen in my 16 years on the bench, he added.

The defendant is a 29 year old man from Leesburg, Florida and his case has been heard at Sumter County courts for a total of four months. The defendant did not appear during the trial proceedings since he was already incarcerated for another crime.

The defendant was indicted on two counts of attempted murder, but the prosecution dropped one charge so as to concentrate more efficiently on the remaining count.

All three victims are mothers of small children who are closely related to the defendant. The incident occurred at a time when tensions between them were running high according to witnesses, with the defendant demanding to put an end to them once and for all.

The man offered $5 000, his car and personal belongings in exchange for one of the women’s lives. He also offered $10 000 cash, another car and an additional sum of money that he would receive after being released from prison in order to arrange the second woman’s murder.

The defendant tried to hire one of the women’s friends to commit the crimes, but this friend went to the police instead and told them everything about the defendant’s murderous plans.