May 20, 2022

Many travelers going to the US halted in Guatemala


Guatemalan specialists have said they are working sympathetically to return individuals to their nations of beginning. Throughout the most recent year, enormous parades of travelers have been quit attempting to cross Central American nations.

Specialists said the gathering had been endeavoring to advance across Mexico to the US line, almost 1,200 miles, (2,000 kilometers) away.

The gathering, numerous from Honduras and Nicaragua had shown up in the Honduran bordertown of Corinto on Saturday evening. They then, at that point, crossed into Guatemala where many security work force were hanging tight for them.

There was a fierce showdown with security authorities, during which stones and different items were apparently tossed. Guatemalan police said that twelve officials had been harmed as they endeavored to turn the gathering back.

As indicated by the Guatemalan Migration Institute, conversations on returning the transients to their nations of origin have started.

Individuals are being returned, everything all together, altruistically,” the establishment’s overall chief Carlos Emilio Morales said.

Looking for a ‘superior life’

A Nicaraguan man called Ovaldo let AFP know that his essential concern was a superior life for their family.

“There is no work, Pablo Mendez told Reuters news office. The Honduran dad was conveying his 2-year-old girl in his arms. To that end individuals are leaving in this procession.

In January 2021, a lot bigger band numbering two or three thousand was additionally caught in Guatemala, driving numerous to get back to Honduras.

Those in Saturday’s gathering said they were making the difficult journeyto get away from neediness and viciousness and start new lives. Many had been casualties of catastrophic events like floods and dry season.

Analysis of US movement strategy

In September 2021, the Biden organization confronted a surge of analysis over its treatment of the a huge number of travelers who had assembled under a scaffold at Del Rio, at the US-Mexico line.

Pictures of US line monitors on horse back pursuing down travelers forcefully to prevent from continuing were broadly censured by privileges gatherings.

At the time the White House expressed what had happened was inadmissible and unseemly.

Later in September 2021, the Biden organization reported that it would raise its cap to take in 125,000 exiles and their families beginning in 2022.

Nonetheless, in December the US declared it would restore an argumentative Trump-period line program that powers refuge searchers to stand by in Mexico forthcoming US migration hearings.