McDonald's will give a bonus of 500 pounds

McDonald's will give a bonus of 500 pounds

McDonald’s will give a bonus of 500 pounds if you join the work

McDonald’s recently offered a joining bonus of 75 thousand 749 Bangladeshi taka and still cannot find workers.

British media The Sun published a news about this.

It is said that there is a staff shortage in several branches of McDonald’s located in Sydney, Australia. As a result, a ‘joining bonus of £500’ will be given; The company announced this.

However, the restaurant is not getting workers.

  • A spokesperson for McDonald’s Australian branch also acknowledged the matter. He said, the company is suffering from a major staff shortage in Australia.
  • Meanwhile, Australia’s national news media Nine News reported that the issue of joining bonus was not universal.
  • But it has been added to the recruitment process as the manpower crunch is acute.
  • On the other hand, an employee of McDonald’s located in Chatsworth, Australia said that the offer of 500 pounds is no longer available after joining.
  • However, this process is ongoing to find workers in some cities of the country.
  • The report published by The Sun also said that there are more than 8,000 vacancies across Australia.
  • They are looking for crew, management staff and maintenance staff.

Experienced as well as inexperienced can join the work

 McDonald's will give a bonus of 500 pounds

It is also said that the working environment at McDonald’s is very good.

Working hours are also quite standard.

They undertake regular training and development of employees.

But McDonald’s is not the only one having trouble finding workers.

There is a labor shortage across Australia.

Even the £80,000 job in the country’s mining sector can’t find a candidate.

Meanwhile, Australian MP Anne Webster referred to the staffing crisis as a ‘tragedy in the making’.

The issue of manpower shortage has become acute due to the covid pandemic.

There is also a labor shortage as backpackers leave the country as the country closes its borders during the pandemic.

The Retailers Association of Australia has also expressed concern about the matter. They say finding new workers is getting worse and worse by the day